April 25, 2024
A Powerful Solution for Delayed Marriage for Girls

Marriage is the most important decision of your life. You can’t just marry any person you like because there may be a few complications in the future. If you don’t find a good match for your daughter or granddaughter, then it will be difficult for them to marry someone else at their age later on. It will also cause problems for their family and society as well. But when certain circumstances or factors are beyond our control, it is hard to know what will happen in the future. However, astrology can always help us understand these unknowns and advise on important matters such as delayed marriage.

What To Do for Delay in Marriage

What To Do for Delay in Marriage

Often, people experience a delay in marriage for a variety of reasons. Some couples may not be compatible, while others might be preoccupied with their careers or other commitments. However, there are many things that you can do to help speed up the process and get married sooner rather than later.

One important step is ensuring your relationship is healthy and stable. This means communicating effectively and resolving any conflicts before they become larger problems. Make time for each other by scheduling regular dates and activities without feeling guilty or stressed. Also, remember that meeting someone offline doesn’t have to coincide with finding time together online – attending friend’s weddings, going on trips together, etc., all count as date night! Finally, don’t hesitate to consult an expert if you’re struggling to move forward in your relationships – they may have some helpful advice or suggestions to help you achieve success faster!

Best Remedy for Delayed Marriage

Best Remedy for Delayed Marriage

If you are waiting for the perfect time to get married, it may be best to wait. There is no guaranteed path to a successful marriage, and timing can often be difficult to predict. However, if you’re dedicated to finding the right person and want your union to be a success, then patience is key.

Instead of focusing on when or how you will get married, try working on taking small steps forward every day towards building stronger relationships with potential partners. This could include spending quality time together without any expectations (e.g., going for walks or hanging out at home), talking openly and honestly about what matters to you, and developing mutually beneficial habits (such as eating healthy foods). As long as both parties are willing to commit themselves fully amidst uncertainty and possible rejection (which is almost always part of the process of building a marriage), waiting can sometimes be the best decision for all involved.

What causes late marriage for ladies?

What causes late marriage for ladies

There are many reasons girls might delay getting married, some of which may be related to their belief systems. However, a number of external factors can also play a role in a late marriage for ladies. Most common include financial constraints, lack of compatibility between partners, and career obligations.

It is important to remember that everyone’s timetable is different, and nothing should be judged negatively if someone decides to wait until they’re more prepared or ready than expected. Ultimately, the solution lies within each individual; all you need to do is listen carefully and help them understand what they’re struggling with so they can start making progress on resolving it.

9 Astrological remedies for delayed marriage in 2022

Astrological remedies

1. Donate to a girl’s wedding

Donate at a girl's wedding

Do good, good will return to you. That’s karma. And planet Saturn is responsible for judging, awarding, and punishing you based on your karma. So if you are facing a delay in marriage due to Shani dosh or the strong influence of Saturn, donate whatever you can to help a poor girl get wed happily. Many people perform this act of kindness without any reason.

2. Use more haldi in your diet

Use more haldi in your diet

Astrologers advocate for one looking to get married Haldi milk, chana daal, turmeric parathas, dal, etc., more often. Adding a pinch of turmeric to your bathing water is likewise recommended. Apply a tilak of saffron and haldi after bathing.

3. Fast for 16 Mondays

Fast for 16 Mondays

In traditional Shilpagram, the most powerful remedy for the delay in marriage is Jalabhisek. Besides this, if you have a physically attractive girl and parental consent for her marriage, you may also follow some other remedies such as keeping fast on 16 consecutive Mondays and offering Jalabhisek on Shivlinga. In our modern era, people tend to perform worship rituals at home by dressing up like Goddess Paravati when they worship Shiva.

4. Feed green things to cows

Feed green things to cows

A good way to avoid delays in marriage is to feed grass or spinach to your cow. Nutritious food will keep both mother and child health, completing the delivery without complications.

5. Donate yellow and white clothes

Donate clothes

Donate new clothes to the poor every Monday and Thursday for an entire month. This ensures your marriage prospects improve in both real-world and virtual surroundings.

6. Give food and shelter to the poor

Give food and shelter to the poor

The first thing to do when you want to get married is supply food and shelter for the poor. Once this is done, your marriage prospects will improve exponentially.

This is a good step if you want to get married. It helps build an environment of love and care for everyone around you and makes them happy. People in need also like kind, generous, helpful, and selfless people; therefore, this will manage to attract them to you. This will also help people around you keep doing good deeds towards others, which will bring back positive vibes towards your upcoming marriage later on.

7. Feed a dog

Feed a dog

Feed a dog with yellow or white edibles. This is considered very auspicious in Hinduism, and it will only take 7 minutes for the remedies to start showing results.

8. Donate mirrors

Donate mirrors

With the auspicious presence of planet Shani, you’ll be able to get your arranged marriage by smiling at people.

9. Be ready to accept Prasad

Be ready to accept Prasad

Prasad is an offering to God, meaning that anything given as a present is considered sacred and must be accepted.


The most important factor to help you decide when to get married is your compatibility level with a prospective partner. If you believe in the astrological remedies mentioned in this article, start experimenting with one or two of them and see how it works for you.

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